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Which Reveiver/amplifier matches with magnat vector 5?

I've just Itbought a pair of floolstanding speakers, magnat vector 5 made in Germany. It has got 2 bass drivers 5,8'' and a silk twelter with 4 omh and 89dl. It costs 430$ and now I am trying to find am amplifier to drive it, but I have no idea . Please help me . Thanks in advanceRead More »

Magnat Speakers info (7P)

I would like to know more info (specs) about older Magnat speakers. I have had a pair of 7P's for about 10 years, was looking at upgrading at the local equipment specialist store - only to find a problem. All the youngish staff (all experts in their own right) had never seen or heard of these old ... Read More »

Magnat Speakers

These aren't sold in the US, but has anyone heard them ? They're made in Germany. ThanksRead More »


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$ 400.00
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