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Replacing 12ax7 tubes in Jolida 202

My Jan Phillips 12ax7 tubes went bad on my Jolida 202. First one made what sounded like volume pot noise whenever I changed volume. Then after another month the other channel almost completely died. I wanted to be sure it was the amp ,so I switched the tubes. Instant fizzout from the tube that was a ... Read More »

Jolida JD100A

Any owners in here? If so, what tubes are you using. I've had mine for a month and love it. Regards, SamRead More »

The insides of my Jolida JD9

Let the mods begin. So far I've replaced the output op amps and swapped the Jolida tubes for a pair of Fisher Telefunken 12AX7. The Obbligato Gold caps are on order and should get here any day. Man have I ever changed my tune about vinyl. The only phono stage I had for an extended period was the CJ ... Read More »

Jolida JD9, Bottlehead Seduction or Hagerman Cornet2?

The Joilda JD9 is the least expensive of these tube phono preamps and easily modded to a high level while the other two are highly regarded kits. Anyone have a recommendation or opinion?Read More »

Find a part on and off switch for jolida 502b

Hello everyone, I need help I got a tube amp jolida model 502b, when I turn on the switch, it doesn't work so I need to find the part to change the switch (I think inside is a spring and it doesn't work). I tried so many websites but I can't find the part to change the switch. Anyone who knows, p ... Read More »


Jolida Product Categories


Fusion 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
JD502P 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

CD Players

JD-100A 4.92
12   Reviews
$ 999.00

Integrated Amplifiers

FX-10 3.67
3   Reviews
$ 450.00
JD 3000 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

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