Jolida JD 300B Integrated Amplifiers

Jolida JD 300B Integrated Amplifiers 


  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier with remote control
  • Input 500mV driving 9 watts
  • Maximum 12 watts output
  • Multiple Inputs: Front mounted selector switch-CD
  • Tuner and Aux
  • Custom Wound Audio Transformers


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[Sep 15, 2007]
Audio Enthusiast


Build quality, like most 300b amps - sonics


This is a very large amp. Placement is limited. Also, the fancy speaker terminals look impressive, but in reality they are difficult to use. Especially with solid core thin speaker wire. Lastly, an amp of this calibre should have an internal phono stage.

Currently running this amp with VPI Scout JRM Tonearm Dynavector HX20, Jolida CD 100, Jolida 9A Phono Preamp, Omega TS33's, Mapleshape Golden Double Helix Wire, and Mapleshade interconnects. I replaced the original Chinese tubes with WE 300s, and the preamp tubes with Electro-Harmonics. I kept the stock Sovtec rectifier tubes.

I've owned alot of different audio components over the last 30 years. This is a great amp for the money. This amp images great. Female vocalists like Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, and Madeline Peyroux sound like their singing in the room. Led Zepplin, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones, just to name a few, flawless.

Bass is resonant, but not boomy. Interestingly, when bass notes are discernable bass becomes more apparent. Quality over quantity. Timbre of cymbals is clear. Often, with solid state amps, brushes sound like static or psuedo rain. With this amp, you can actually hear the brushes on good recordings. Strings are never harsh nor fatiguing.

Most 300B enthusiasts contend that these amps sound better driving 16 ohm speakers. The Omega TS33's can be configured as either 4 ohm or 16 ohm speakers. This amp drove the 4 ohm configuration without any stress. I think it has something to do with the massive transformers. This amp weighs 65 pounds! The transformers rarely seem to get hot.

The build quality of this amp is impressive. The front faceplate is quarter inch thick solid brushed aluminum. The brushed metal remote with ball bearing buttons weighs more than a can of soda. Oh did I mention that this 300B amp has a full functioning remote!

I think this is a great amp that can comfortably compete with amps costing three times its price, if matched with the right speakers.

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