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Eastern Electric...myth or miracle

I had originally gotten a chance to hear the Mini-Max by Eastern awhile back at an audio show and was completely blown away by it. Im hardly what you'd call an audiophile but I do know what sounds good and what doesnt, so when my seemingly endless urges to upgrade hit...I took it upon myself to call ... Read More »

Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Preamplifier

This $1195 Giant Killer deserves every bit as much attention as the less expensive solid-state Morrison ELAD has received in recent years. I'd be willing to send your editors my own own MiniMax, for you to personally evaluate its performance. In Higher-End Review Magazines such as 'Soundstage' it ... Read More »

Eastern Electric

Has anyone tried this line of Amps and pre-amps? I got a chance to hear them at a show and they were just amazing...high end stuff without the super high end price tag. Hopefully their line will be added to the review section as Im interested to see how others feel about them. Here's their link... ... Read More »


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