Eastern Electric MiniMax Power Amplifier Amplifiers

Eastern Electric MiniMax Power Amplifier Amplifiers 


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[Jun 13, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Huge Sound(!), Dynamics, Low Frequency Control.



Having owned, and thoroughly enjoyed, the Eastern Electric 'MiniMax' Preamp for a few months now (I reviewed it here last week), I took the plunge and, for around a grand, purchased the MiniMax 8 Watt Per Channel Tubed Power Amp, and their Tubed Output CD Player (review to follow!). I'm Floored!! Driving VERY ineffiecient older a/d/s Speakers, I was unable to apply more than 40% on the Preamp's Volume control before the Music was at near deafening levels! But that's not the good part---the MOST impressive thing was how totally 'in control', clear, dynamic, and detailed the sound was! I've been a fan of 6BM8 Tubes for some years, and they're used to their full potential here! The Rectifier is a 5AR4, and while the stock one is good, using a vintage H.H. Scott 5AR4 was an huge leap! The construction on the MiniMax, like the other components in the series, is Top Notch! This little fella is unbelievably heavy---feels like a slab of solid iron. Extremely solid, heavy-duty gold plated binding posts are available for 4, 8, and 16 ohm taps. Line Input is unbalanced (RCA) and is of the best quality. I was so impressed with this amp I switched things around (a lot!) and found it to be equally at home with quality Preamps which are of the solid-state variety. There's just a certain 'right there' about the sound. And with the right source & pre, in can be a downright emotional experience! As mentioned in the other review, give Bill O'Connell a call---he's a class act all the way and Very helpful! I wish him luck with his new company but, once folks start listening to these, he won't need it!

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