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Linn + Dynavector + X-LPS V3?

I have the opportunity to buy slightly used Dynavector DV Karat 17D2, at very, very reasonable price (swapping for a pair of interconnects that I have). It would go on Linn Axis with Linn Basic Plus. My Phono Stage is Musical Fidelity X-LPS V3. I’ve read the reviews and asked around. It seems to be ... Read More »

Please add Dynavector 17D2 MKII Cartridge

Manufacturer Name: Dynavector Manufacturer's Website Address (critical):[url]http://www.dynavector.co.jp/english/index.html[/url] Category (DVD Player, Subwoofer, etc): MC phono cartridge Product Name or Model Number: 17D2 MKII Price (MSRP): ?? Link to an Image:[url]http://www.dynavector.co.jp/ ... Read More »

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