Dynavector DV-20x H/L Cartridges

DV-20x H/L

Moving Coil Phono Cartridge, available with high (DV-20x H) or low output (DV-20x L)

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nandito   Audio Enthusiast [Oct 26, 2009]

This is a a very well ,solidly built cartridge, and can be fitted easily to the tonearm. After setup, the sound is very detailed and musical with a nice soundstage. The tonal balance is a bit towards the brigth, with a bit of enphasis on the top end(as the frecuency response chart that comes with the cartridge shows) so take this into account when matching. The compliance and weight make it easy to match with most arms.
No signs of stylus wear have appeared even after almost three years of very frecuent use(two-three hours a day) a good thing.
The cartridge is VTA sensitive so is worth to take time to adjust this.
On the weaknesses, the plastic protector is tricky to set in place so be very,very careful when setting this in place(the cantilever could be damaged if somethig go wrong there)
overall, this is a very fine cartridge for the price with no real sonic shortcomings to my ears .

Showing 1-1 of 1  

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