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Dual Concentric

What gives with the Dual Concentrics? KEF, ZU, and Tannoy are popping em out. What is the sound like. I do not know of any dealer in my area that carries them.Read More »

Dual 505-3

Here's a pic of my Dual 505-3 with a Grado Blue cart: [IMG]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4119/4925533292_3e8ca1f343.jpg[/IMG] Just recently had to do redo the RCA's. The bottom part was stapled like a Magnepan sock. Replaced the staples with screws. Contemplating selling the table for more ... Read More »

Dual Turntable?

Hey there, I'm about to buy a second handed Turntable but would like some advice. I've been mainly looking for Dual tables. Can anyone advice me what is best? Dual 1224 Dual 1214 Dual 504 Dual CS-515 I also encountered a Denon DP-35F. What could you recommend? Thanks! MarcRead More »

Dual Center Channel...

I just replaced my [URL="http://www.athenaspeakers.com/products/c1-overview/"]Athena C1[/URL] center with 2 [URL="http://www.athenaspeakers.com/products/s1-overview/"]Athena S1[/URL]'s. The C1 is basically a S1 with a passive radiator. I have 1 S1 upright below the TV and the other upside down above ... Read More »

Dual 505-3 & Ortofon OMB 20

Anyone got any info/opinion on the Dual 505-3 ? Also, any audible difference between the Ortofon OMB 20 & the Super OM20? ---I need to buy more vinyl than equipment :frown2: :out: :lol: Cheers.Read More »



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