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Dahlquist DQ-18

I have a line on a pair of Dahlquist DQ-18's for $100. I cannot find any info on these guys. Are these the bastard childs of the Dahlquist line up? I am looking for more lower range than my monitors can offer and these might do the trick for a little dent in the wallet.Read More »

Dahlquist DQ-10 and McIntosh MC240 ???

I've been enjoying my DQ-10's for years since they've been powered by a relatively high-current Carver TFM-35 SS amp pushing 250w per side. I have recently lucked into (basically inherited) a McIntosh MC240 (and a C20 pre) that I'm considering using to power the Dahlquists. The Mac is rated at 4 ... Read More »

Piezo replacement in Dahlquist DQ-10

The most bitterly criticized element of the Dahlquist DQ-10 has always been its use of the cheap piezo super tweeter. Though Jon Dahlquist has been quoted as saying that, since it doesn't even begin to work until 12,000 HZ, no one would hear the difference anyway, that hasn't silenced the flood of ... Read More »

A soon-to-be-performed Dahlquist repair

I've recently posted this information elsewhere, but I think it's just too good not to do so here as well. Most of you familiar with my previous posts know that I own Dahlquist DQ-10's as well as B&W 802F Specials. Despite the retail price of the B&W's being five times that of the DQ-10's, in ... Read More »

Those still-amazing Dahlquist DQ-10's

Today I felt ambitious, and lugged my B&W 802F Specials (at 86lbs each) up a flight of stairs into my listening room. I've been using my beloved DQ-10's in this room since I moved into this house a year ago July, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Still, the 802F Special is the home version of the ... Read More »


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