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Took back Daewoo DVD player, bought Koss ($25).

As you can see, I am rolling in cheap DVD players :D As it was mentioned (below link), Daewoo DVD player had a jerk motion every minute or so, so decided to take it back. Very good player overall with alot features including several audio DSP, so hopefully the jerk motion is isolated problem. ... Read More »

Bought a Daewoo NTCS/PAL DVD player for $28.

After my trusty Toshiba DVD player hit the dust after only 6 months, I have decide not to spend too much on DVD player and treat them as disposable. Sears had this Daewoo DVN-8100N DVD player for $38 with $10 rebater. So far so good and picture quality is solid. Played couple of CDs using DVD pla ... Read More »


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DVD Players

DPC7400P 7 in. Portable DVD Player 0
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$ 25.00

Flat Panel Televisions

L950T LCD TV 0
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$ 450.00


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