SOL REPUBLIC AND DEADMAU5 LAUNCH GROUNDBREAKING HEADPHONES CONVERGING TECHNOLOGY, MUSIC AND ART The high-definition headphones deliver dramatically enhanced audio and a design by renowned digital artist Joshua Davis San Francisco, CA, August 16, 2012 – SOL REPUBLIC, committed to changing the ...    Read More »

Pro Audio Technology's Quad-Amplified, Seven Foot Tall SCR-3215sm Loudspeaker

With dual 15-inch, 1400W woofers and a maximum output of >130dB; what started as an exercise to push loudspeaker performance limits is now a reality for audio and home theater enthusiasts. Huntington Beach, CA - July 24, 2012 - Pro Audio Technology (PRO), the leader in loudspeakers and DSP-progr ...    Read More »

Serene Audio Talisman Desktop Speaker Review

With so many desktop speakers on the market, consumers have ample combinations of sonic performances, visual designs, and price points, to choose from. Usually there are trade offs. Sonic performance normally takes the biggest hit. Rarely does a small desktop speaker capture the trifecta of great lo ...    Read More »

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xFINITY and beyond(to quote 2001)

THE GUY from COMCAST came by today and "fixed" our cable boxes so that they would pick up all of the "new" HD that Comcast is offering. THIS IS Comcast-ese for "getting all of the stuff that everybody else is getting". I LOVE COMPETITION, when I was last in comcasts office they had big signs abou ... Read More »

On Sale: Rush, Beyond the Lighted Stage

From Rush's Facebook page... Amazon currently has the Grammy-nominated film "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" on sale! $9.99 for the DVD & $11.99 for the Blu-Ray until 12/17/10!Read More »

Beyond the lighted stage

Did anyone else get to see this fairly comprehensive documentery on the band Rush? It was very well done and covered their lives from before being in the band through their latest album. It was fun learning the inside stories to their choices along the way. IE: I had always thought that John Rutsey ... Read More »

More cowbell - Captain Beyond

Enjoy [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

beyond the numbers

When looking at amplifiers its incredible the difference in price, even though looking at the specs they can be pretty similiar, so what makes up the price difference. From say a Rotel, to a Linn, to a Mark-Levinson.Read More »

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