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Beware Bedini Ultra Clarifier Quad Beam Total Snake Oil Rip Off

I bet you guys were all thinking that I'd post how wrong you all were and that the Bedini Clarifier Quad Beam & Sound information Disc did in fact improve my CD sound qualty! Wrong! I just got these products today & as you guys predicted (& I honestly thought there would be slight minor improvement ... Read More »

Bedini Ultra Clarifier Dual Beam does this device or other devices improve CD sound?

Does this device or any device that you know of actually improve CD sound quality or is this another suckers game. Please go to this link on this device and let me know what you think. [URL=http://www.bedini.com/clarifier.htm]http://www.bedini.com/clarifier.htm[/URL] Actually, right after I posted t ... Read More »



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