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New Toy: Audio Zone Pre-T1 Preamp

Audio Zone Pre-T1 Preamp. [ATTACH]7158[/ATTACH] This passive preamp is based on TX102 transformers. A brief comparison to the Sonic Euphoria PLC 1. High freq - Pre-T1 sparkles with less grain. 2. Mid freq - PLC has a bit more body, but Pre-T1 is more transparent with better balance. 3. Low freq ... Read More »

Amp Suggestions for Zone 2 Audio?

Looking for a decent but inexpensive amp to power Zone 2 in my house. I have 6 sets of Dayton in-ceilings (nothing fancy, 30 watt contractor grade for background audio) with a Yamaha RX-V2500 as my source. Best I found so far was a $200 80W RMS x 2 amp at Parts Express. All I need is a leve;-ad ... Read More »


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