Audio Zone AMP-1 Amplifiers

Audio Zone AMP-1 Amplifiers 


Based on an opamp chip for its output device, the Amp 1 is a 45-watt, dual-mono, single-input integrated amplifier. The AMP-1 amplifier sports precisely matched, 31-step volume controls for each channel, an anodized aluminum chassis of 2" height, precisely half-component width of 8.5", 6.5" depth, Cardas i/o terminals, and a separate black powder-coated power supply of 3" x 4" x 7" HxWxD that connects via two 4-pin umbilicals to honor the discrete-channel concept. A triplet of gold-plated brass feet, volume control knobs and central oval decal add two-tone visual accents while Black Gate capacitors, Riken and Caddock resistors, Noble pots, Cardas hookup wire and Plitron transformers make up the less-is-more innards.


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[Dec 10, 2007]


Fast & transparent with a big, full & realistic sound.


IMHO needs a tube pre amp.

Talk about a piece of audio gear that sounds so different from how it looks (and from how I expected) From my 1st listen, this diminutive integrated.. just blew my socks off & has been my reference amp for some time now. I just never expected such a full, rich and organic sound from a gaincard amp. I thought it woud be lean and fast. And what it is is transparent, fast and rich. Very natural with a rich tone & timbre.

Both the amp & power supply each have thier own enclosure, and a connector cord is included. 1 input and 1 output (RCA). Dual volume control.

Hard to believe that this little amp is able to put out such a big and realistic sound. Excells in transparency, openess, soundstaging, layered definition & prat.
As good as it sounds as a stand alone integrated, I prefer to also use a small Tube preamp. Besides my preference for tubes somewhere in the chain,.. the tube pre simply enhances this excellent amp. Deeper, wider soundstage with more space between the players. And of course a more realistic inner resolution and decay of the notes of music.

I have paired it with 89dB 3 way floorstandes or 93dB single driver moniters and equally good with both and more than 50% of the volume pot to spare. Will easily drive 86dB> speakers in a 15x23 room.

The best amp I have owned with the exception of a pair of $10k Wolcott tube mono's. I agree with the high praise from 6 Moons (Bluemoon Award), Positive Feedback and the many happy end users; this is a giant killer of a bargain and sounds as good or better than amps 2 & 3 times it's MSRP of $2395.

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As of yet, no need.

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My 1st gaincard amp, but I have owned Wollcot, Ayre, Rogue, & Jolida

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