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How to test Audio Alchemy Power Supply with multi-meter?

I'm not the best with electronics. I have an Audio Alchemy DDE 1.1 that stopped working for no apparent reason after unhooking it to redo equipment rack. After plugging it back in, nothing. How do I use a multi meter to tell if the power supply is even working or what went bad? It has a 1/8 headp ... Read More »

Audio Alchemy DTI.Pro B

Just got this DTI this weekend from a friend. Hooked it up and it does make a desirable improvement. However, the two Lock Lights Primary andSecondary work kind of strange. Most of the time just the Primary one is on and sometimes during playback the Secondary light comes on stays on for awile then ... Read More »

Audio Alchemy VITB Schematic

I need a schematic for an Audio Alchemy VITB to help find the source of severe distortion in one channel. Can anyone point me towards one? Thanks KofiRead More »

What do you people think of the Audio Alchemy DAC-in-the-box?

There's one going on ebay for a decent price and it'd seem like a good way to get the sound from my comp to my stereo, and perhaps also use my CD as a transport. Anyone have any feedback on this? Cheers!Read More »

Users Manuals Needed for Audio Alchemy DLC and OM-150

Help! I need Users Manuals for the Audio Alchemy DLC preamp and the OM-150 power amp. Anyone out there that can help me? Thanks, The StereoManRead More »


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