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John   an Audio Enthusiast [Apr 21, 1998]

I purchased this product to see its effect between my Theta Pro Basic II and EAD T-7000 transport. A short audition (which was all they would allow me) convinced me it would help to tame "jitter" somewhat. I needed a 2nd digital cable to connect it. After thinking about the cost of hi-end cables, I decided to try the cheap route, and got some phono-to-phono adaptors from Radio Shack. I managed the hook-up by standing the Pro on its side and using appropriate leveling items. What I heard blew me away. When connected with a fairly good cable and a mediocre one, the DTI made some improvement, but the effect of the bad cable could still be heard. But with the adaptors the improvement was fantastic: that is, the adaptors had no detrimental effect and allowed the true magic of jitter box to be heard. And saved me the expense of buying a hi-end cable.
I would definitely recommend this product for those with older separate trans and processors; especially if you can find one pre-owned. Perhaps recent and expensive players or separates incorporate jitter reduction already, but what's clear to me from this is that jitter is real and its elimination is possible and probably would make much less expensive digital components sound like a million dollars; this DTI is much more worthwhile than passive (expensive) digital cables. Recent reviews by noted Stereophile reviewers, which can be found on the web, also affirm that DTIs make a big diff for all but the most expensive digital front ends.

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