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Angstrom Modular Three

Hey everyone. I got these for $20 CDN today. They were unclaimed stock at the repair shop I frequent. The guys felt bad they were unable to fix my Citizen fully, so this sale was a sympathy sale. Here's a pic, I am going to hook them up now. I am wicked excited!! They weigh approx 18lbs each ... Read More »

Any Angstrom speaker owners out there????

I recently purchased Angstrom Modular 2's(rears), 4's(Fronts), and 8's(powered subs) loudspeakers. I am quite pleased with these speakers in the short time I've had them but I'm looking for other opinions on them or other Angstrom speakers used. Other than a review by The Inner Ear on their websit ... Read More »

Angstrom Modular Loudspeakers

I recently upgraded my home theatre system with Angstrom Modular 8's & 4's for the front speakers and Modular 2's for the rear speakers. I traded in my Angstrom Alpha 80's plus paid $1,140CDN for them. If you've had any experience with or own these speakers can you please give me an opinion/review ... Read More »



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