Acoustat Update

Last month, I had found a somewhat rough looking, but otherwise fine sounding pair of Acoustat 1+1s. Yesterday, I begin the renovation project by removing the grill socks. Imagine an eight foot long tube sock that is open at both ends. They need a thorough vacuuming and hair dryer based heat tr ... Read More »

Acoustat Question?

I am trying to sort out a claim by my local audio medic - that my beloved Spectra 22s some how blew the rail fuses in my B&K ST202 power amp. Should I be reading 1.6-1.8 ohms at the R & L. transformer inputs with Acoustats plugged in but not amp connected. Thanks for the time. GHRead More »

Flip Maggies for Acoustat???

Hi, folks, I'm back. Your thoughts: should I flip my Magneplanar MG 1.6QR for Acoustat Spectra 2200? A seller within driving distance of my location is sell the Acoustat pair, supposedly in mint condition, for C$1600. .Read More »

Acoustat Spkrs - Info needed

I recently acquired a set of ACOUSTAT MK-121-2 speakers with a Magne-Kinetic I/F from a friend that unfortunately lost most everything in a recent flood. I plugged them in and got nothing. (no power) He informed me to haul them away. I was not familiar with the ACOUSTAT Corp. being a diehard Klips ... Read More »

WTB Acoustat 66 or 6600

Hi there I have been along time fan of Acoustats and am searching for my ultimate and last speaker purchase..a pr of acoustat 66 or 6600 probably will require shipment , I have been looking for a few years now without any success. I have a pr of 1+1's and Spectra 4400's for my HT with a pair o ... Read More »

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ACOUSTAT Product Categories

Floorstanding Speakers

1 plus 1 4.8
15   Reviews
$ 0.00
21   Reviews
$ 0.00
Spectra11 1100 2
1   Reviews
$ 1000.00


RP-2 “reference” pre-amp 5
1   Reviews
$ 1500.00