Zealth Audio ZAL36T Loudspeaker Review

The Back Story Doug is a pastor, so I think he is more predisposed to interesting background stories than I am. And thus, while going over our finds, likes, and dislikes at CES 2011, Doug mentioned there was a homeless guy here showing off his speakers. Homeless on a top floor of the Venetian, ser ...    Read More »

CES 2011 - Mystere - DH Labs Cables - Zealth Audio

Zealth Audio is the brain child of Kevin Nelson, a currently homeless Navy vet who has been building speakers since he was a child.  The Zealth speaker has been a project of Kevin's for the past 10 years.  Each speaker can play stereo using a cross fire cross over design.  At CES he was driving this ...    Read More »

Spotlight - Upscale Audio

Kevin Deal - Upscale Audio Tubes, tubes everywhere.  In little boxes, big boxes, new boxes and old boxes.  In amplifiers, CD players, and pre-amps.  From the far flung red shores of failed communist states to the ruminates of US factories now turned to dust.  Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio has been ...    Read More »

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Zealth Audio $890 Floorstanding Speakers

So at CES a guy named Kevin was showing some very interesting speakers. Each speaker has left and right channels. The 'correct' side on the bottom with the opposite side coming out of the top. These speakers are a 20 year project. Kevin is now living in the San Diego area w/o a home. From ... Read More »

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