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Steve Wilson & Opeth

Picked up both of these 2 CDs this week. So far I like the Steve Wilson better. Sounds more Porcupine Tree than his last solo album, although the tracks are shorter. Jordan Rudess plays piano on a number of tracks. Well done. The Opeth is dark in tone and lyrics, with lots of instrumental passage ... Read More »

Guess Who Steven Wilson turned out to be? FA/Porky fans?

I had to start a new thread for this. I believe on the Collage thread I also posted a link to another CD I bought, Steven Wilson, Incergentes. I believe there's a Jazz musician named Steve Wilson who may have caused some confusion, any way, Steven Wilson is the front man for Porcupine Tree and Inc ... Read More »

Wilson wattpuppy8/musical fidelity kw750

I wanted to find out how would Wilson wattpuppy8's sound with the Musical fidelity kw750Read More »

Here the new Ann Wilson?

I heard a cut from Ann Wilson's new cover album yesterday. It was a cover of Zepplin's, Imigrant Song. It was a great cover. She pretty much re-worked it and made it her own song. I'm going to have to take a look at this album to see what else is on it. If more tracks are as good as this one, i ... Read More »

R.I.P. Tony Wilson

Sad news indeed. Tony Wilson passed away yesterday. Founder of the Factory record label, the infamous Hacienda Club and a champion of new talent and the Manchester music scene. Who knows if there would have ever been a Joy Division, Happy Mondays, etc without him and his vision. I met him a couple ... Read More »


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