Restoring Run Command in Vista

Hi Bodies To have all-purpose Run Command in your Vista do the following steps. 1. Right click the Start button. 2. Choose Properties. 3. With the Menu Tab active, click the Customize option. 4. Browse through the list of options and check Run command. 5. Click OK, then click another OK. ... Read More »

Windows 7 or vista..?

Hi to all I am planning to buy new laptop.But confused little which system to buy.So please share your experience so i can get some ideas.which one is better..?Read More »

Any Experience with Windows VISTA & USB DAC?

Does anyone here own a PC with Vista and a external USB DAC w/ Headphone amp? I'm looking for a unit for around $500, but would like to make sure if would work with Vista. Should it a different OS affect the performation or compatibility of USB DAC? I dont know anything about PC, except that I'm o ... Read More »

Has Vista gotten any better?

I know that there are a few computer geeks who hang here. I am finally biting the bullet and starting to shop for a laptop. There are some good deals to be had (back-to-school starts waaaay too early!) right now. As far as computers go, I just need basic stuff. I'm not a gamer. A simple laptop ... Read More »

Martin Logans vista, or keep old JSE infinite slope 1.8

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Martin Logan Vistas and how they are in a small room such as 13 x 18 with 8' ceiling. I know they should be a few feet from the rear wall. I plan on placing them along the long wall in a rectangular room setting. My question is if the ML's wo ... Read More »


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