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Major Blu-Ray Audio Question From Blu-Ray Virgin

I haven't been on this board for ages so hello to any old friends still here. I appologize in advance for asking a question that's probably been discussed to death but as I'm totally unfamiliar I'll ask again. I'm thinking of getting Panasonic DMP-BD35K 1080p Blu-ray Player which has gotten fantast ... Read More »

I'm a virgin.

I somehow blame my comps. Comments? Ripostes?Read More »

Virgin Festival 2008 in Baltimore.

Sorry Slosh and Bobsticks, not [I]that [/I]kind of Virgin. This is the Virgin Airlines music fest coming up on August 9th and 10th at the Pimlico racetrack. The first day lineup features Bloc Party, [COLOR="Blue"]Cat Power*[/COLOR], Citizen Cope, Foo Fighters, KT Tunstall, and Wilco. The second day ... Read More »

free virgin mobile ringtone 1

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The Cave, Brother's Grimm, 40 Year Old Virgin

caught up on some movies this weekend, here's the breakdown without any spoilers. 40 Year Old Virgin: Hysterical. Steve Carrell is awesome as the lead. The whole theater was bursting out in laughter quite a few times. great comedy with a heart and every kind of joke you can imagine. highly reccom ... Read More »



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