Universal Remote for A/V Yamaha Receiver

Hi! I am having trouble finding a universal remote to run my system. Yamaha AVR RX461, Sony Bravia 40" LED TV, Sony DVD player DVP-NS55P, Pioneer Blue-Ray BDP-51FD. The Yamaha seems to resist being operated by the universal remotes I have tried so far. I use my AVR for sound in the system with the D ... Read More »

What universal remote for HT do you use?

I am in the market as my HT project is moving along nicely. I was thinking about a Harmony One or perhaps their 900, but I read a few reviews that are making me skittish. I also heard good things about the Universal Remote MX-700, but it appears they're hard to find if you're a mere consumer and not ... Read More »

Cheap Universal Remote

I picked up this remote (OneForAll OARP05S) at local store for $10 and this thing rock. It have all the codes except the kitchen sink and best part of is that it is a learning remote. It can replace five remotes for TV, DVR, Cable/satellite/convertor box, DVD and Audio Amp component. I have Apex ... Read More »

ipad as a universal remote

Anyone had any luck with an app that allows an ipad to be used as a universal remote? Trying to justify buying an ipad and since my current Rotel universal remote is on the way out, the thought of dropping $200 fro a Harmony is almost half the price of an ipod. I know there are some pricey optio ... Read More »

Cambridge Universal Blue Ray Player

I've been holding off getting a BR player but may have to check this one out. Thoughts? [url]http://hometheaterreview.com/cambridge-audio-azur-650bd-blu-rayuniversal-player-reviewed/[/url]Read More »