Ultralink vs Acoustic Research

No great detail on this one. Infact, about as scientific as a dollar store calculator. The fact of the matter is, I got a great deal on AR PR-220 12 g cable. So, I bought 2- 10 foot strands with gold plated AR banana plugs. I love AR. For my gear, they give me great results and I use the Pro Se ... Read More »

PS Audio Ultralink DAC

Hey All!! I am seriously considering a PS Audio Ultralink DAC. Obviously, it's a used model, being the first version of this unit. Just wondering if anyone has any specific experience with this model. I have read several times that the signal strength is impressive. This is a problem for me ... Read More »

Ultralink Experience?

Does anyone have any experience with the UltraLink Challenger series speaker cable? I am looking for a high quality, 14 gauge speaker cable that won't break the bank for a stereo set up for my Kyocera reciever and PhaseTech Euro series speakers (now considered vintage I am told, my how time flies) I ... Read More »


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