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SVS Ultra Speakers

I was cruising around the internet today and on one of the audio websites I seen an add from SVS audio that talked about their new Ultra flagship speakers. They are a tower speaker which has a wtw type of array with 2 6.5" midranges and what looks to be a 1" or 11/8" tweeter and also has duel 8" woo ... Read More »

emotiva ultra 12 & 10 closed out sale

I got this email from Emotiva today... "Mr P, see if you can take it lower with one more at these Prices:smilewinkgrin: WOW [url]http://emotiva.com/ultra_sub10.shtm[/url] [url]http://emotiva.com/ultra_sub12.shtm[/url]Read More »

Emotiva Ultra 12, 1st impressions

The Ultra 12's look great and everything about them seems to be quality. The grill is one of the most substantial I've seen on any sub, the frame is thick and heavy. You get a set of both rubber feet AND spikes. I used the rubber feet that screw in. They are cone shape with point down. You don' ... Read More »

Another BFD story - SVS PB13 Ultra

I remain convinced the Behringer Feedback Destroyer is the single biggest bang-for-the-buck investment that any system with a subwoofer (music or home theater oriented) can enjoy. I convinced a friend to buy a Behringer Feedback Destroyer to go along with the subwoofer he's had for a few months now ... Read More »


What's the difference between these two. I'm looking at two power amps that are from the same company, have the exact same specs except the earlier model is ULTRA and the newer one is ULTRA2 and weighs 4lbs more (116lbs). I can't find anything that will tell me what had to be different in order for ... Read More »


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