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Sumiko Blue Point

John Micheal sent me a Sumiko Blue Point. I have it on my Realistic and after a half hour of listening, I am near tears. The realism of the instruments and accuracy of the soundstage is mind boggling. I am listening to Bob Brookmeyer, his horn is coming right out of the speakers. I can't belie ... Read More »

Sumiko: The Pearl vs The Blue Point

Cartridges really do make a difference! I swapped out the Sumiko Pearl for the Blue Point on my Thorens mk166 table and heard it for myself. The Point's tone is silkier, smoother, and the mid-range wider. I got the Blue Point on Ebay used (albeit lightly) for $115, saving myself the $135 more a new ... Read More »


Sumiko Product Categories


Black Pearl 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00
Blue Point No. 2 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 399.00
Oyster 0
0   Reviews
$ 75.00
Pearl 3.8
5   Reviews
$ 125.00
Talisman Alchemist IIIS 0
0   Reviews
$ 475.00

60.0 WA BLACK:

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