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Today Sugden, tomorrow?

Hi folks, I'm a happy owner of a Sugden A21A and I'm enjoying very much my current audio system configuration. Anyway, somehow, I can't stop myself from wondering which would be the next step for a qualitative improvment. I'm quite fond with the Tannoy speakers I have now and size wise they perf ... Read More »

Possibility of buying a Sugden amp.

After having fried my Trends amplifier, I bought a Cambridge audio 340a amp which is now sitting cosy in my parents' living room driving a pair of Kef iQ5 SE speakers. I've been out of amp for a couple weeks and recently won a cheap Rotel (60 bucks :D). on ebay which should be arriving next week. ... Read More »

The Sugden A21-a

My local dealer has a Sugden A21-a integrated for sale... Now this amp is rated at 25w 'pure class A' and it sounds fantastic with the speakers he has at the showroom (Tannoy's and Kef) but i dont know whether this will match the Paradigm studio 20? I have read a lot of reviews on this amp, but no o ... Read More »

sugden or quad?

Which is best for my rogers jr149 speakers...sugden A48 amplifier or Quad 303/33?Read More »

Musical Fidelity a2 or a220 compare to Sugden?

Ok well i was looking for an upgrade from my NAD C350 and was really interested in the sugden a21a but its just too much for me at the moment. I was told from someone that the Musical Fidelity A2 is comparable and can be had for considerbly less. Do any of you have any experience with this class A a ... Read More »



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