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Amp Recommendation for Spica TC-50

I have Tc50s want to use in System 2 (Rotel 1520 B&W 684 is System 1). I am looking new or used with budget under $500 USD. Think the Rotel makes the Spicas too bright. Any recommended Amp (integrated, separates or receiver, it is system 2 after all)? Love the Spicas and not looking to replace. ... Read More »

Anyone Had Experience with Spica Angelus Speakers?

I know of a pair for sale that are the dealers own pair, finished in black Laquer - very unusual as they were usually finished in bare wood veneers. I've never heard these and have been offered a chance to purchase them. Does anyone have any experience of these speakers?Read More »


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Floorstanding Speakers

TC60 4.5
8   Reviews
$ 1000.00

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