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If you like Galactic, you will like Liquid Soul.

Man, I am really liking these guys. Really funky acid jazz, with a lot of horn solos. Just bought 3 of their self-titled 1996 disc from SecondSpin. They were only $2 each, so I bought all 3. :ihih: Like the heading says, if you like Galactic, and maybe even Tower Of Power, you'll like LS. Horns, s ... Read More »

The Soul Train

My local channel start carrying this syndicated show that ended its 35 year run on TV back in 2006. The shows are from their earlier date from 70 and 80's, but it is still vey enjoyable to watch. The show feature R&B, soul, and hip hop artists from that era performing their hits to a dancing audi ... Read More »

Black Soul Choir - 16 HP still delivers the 90s

Listening to both of the first 2 long players from Sixteen Horsepower today, "Sackcloth 'n' Ashes" and "Low Estate", and just felt that I had to say something. There's a few fans here, and we may all have our favorites, but what a great couple records. "Black Soul Choir" up at song of the day right ... Read More »

Soul Surfer

Watched Soul Surfer yesterday. Great movie, good acting, and one heck of a comeback after losing an arm to a shark. AnnaSophia Robb does a wonderful job portraying Bethany Hamilton, while Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid play the parents. Good family movie with a little spirituality and not too m ... Read More »

Zu Audio Soul Superfly - Yeah Baby!!! :)

Wow, Zu Audio has some funky products and the new Soul and Soul Superfly are perfect examples: [url]http://www.zuaudio.com/loudspeakers/soul.html[/url] Efficiency: 101 dB 1W/1m Impedance: 16 Ohm nominal Prices for Soul and Soul Superfly are $1800 and $2600 (Global Direct Prices)... Daaaa ... Read More »


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