SOTA Comet turntable

I am thinking about a new ttable. My 10+ year old Rega is still sounding good and performing properly. I will be keeping the Rega. I am interested in another table which I could have another cartridge mounted. I do not need another table but I want one. I have been thinking about the SOTA Comet o ... Read More »

Sota Saphire Help

Can anone advise me on how the platter is removed from an early model Sota Saphire?Read More »

Sota Saphire Platter Removal ?

Can anyone advise me on how the platter can be removed from a Sota Saphire Turn Table? It is probably an early series model, since it does not have an out-board power supply.Read More »


SOTA Product Categories


Comet 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 749.00
Cosmos Series III Vacuum Turntable 4.2
0   Reviews
$ 5500.00
Millennia 3
0   Reviews
$ 6400.00
Moonbeam 5
2   Reviews
$ 700.00
Sapphire 4.3
10   Reviews
$ 0.00
Star 3.67
3   Reviews
$ 0.00

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