Sonos soundbar

If there's any Sonos fans out there, they have announced a new soundbar with 9 drivers that can be linked to a pair of Play 3 (the smaller wireless speaker) and the Sonos sub to create a wireless 5.1 system! Not sure how this will sound or work (some kind of proprietary sound format resembling surro ... Read More »

Please help! NAD Amp just blew up! Sonos at fault?

I am not sure what to do and could use the advice of this sage group. Just bought Sonos a week ago. Was switching between Sonos input and photo input to test sound quality. I noticed that whatever input I chose, the Sonos input player through the amp. Strange, so I paused the digital Sonos stre ... Read More »

Need Recommendation - Sonos

Hi all, I am new to this forum, but I am renovating my house and looking for a multi-room audio system. I have been reading a lot about a company called Sonos, though there isn't a dealer in my area to check it out. [url][/url] Has anyone had a chance to use the product? I also ... Read More »