Atrio earphones by Future Sonic?

Does anyone have any experience with Atrio-pro earphones? My boss can get them for half-price. They're regularly $200. He has a set and loves them, but I'm not sure how discriminating he is when it comes to sound. Thanks. [URL=]Specs[/URL] if anyone w ... Read More »

Song of the Day: The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer

Rock and Roll! Even the announcer rocks. Hell yeah!Read More »

Sonic Studios DSM microphone recordings

I just got a bootleg and the accompanying text file said it was recorded in the following way: "recorded a few feet from the house right stack Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L => Sonic Studios PA6LC3 => Sony PCM-M1 DAT master => optical cable => CD => flac 8" I looked it up and it's some kind of hea ... Read More »

Please add Sonic Impact 5066 T-amp

Please add the following to your review listings: Manufacturer: Sonic Impact Technologies Website: [url][/url] Product page: [url][/url] Model: TA2024 (5066) T-amp Category: amplifier (integrated) Class: T Pric ... Read More »


MS 1400W:

Wood Technology: