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how to record sirius on my pc?

i need to record sirius tomorow because i'll be faction 41 for an hour show and want to record. replay av just records 5 mins on the demo version. so i'm looking for a free program that lets me record streaming audio. i have an online sirius account.Read More »

Sirius XM 2.0 On The Way

During the Sirius XM Radio Inc. Q2 earnings call, CEO Mel Karmazin announced that they will be launching "Satellite Radio 2.0" in retail stores for the 2011 holiday season. Version 2.0 will have even MORE programming, and you will be able to PAUSE and REWIND broadcasts! Just like every other aspe ... Read More »

Sirius XM Preps Bankruptcy

"As expected, Sirius XM is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to a report late Wednesday (Feb. 10) in the New York Times. Overwhelmed by fast-accruing debt, the satcaster needs to make a $400 million payment this month and is believed to be some $175 million short ... Read More »

Analogue Radio Vs. Digital Radio (Sirius/XM)

Hi everybody - hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to post my thoughts on Analog radio vs. digital radio. I receive my digital radio via Dishnetwork, and due to the recent aquisition, it is now Sirius/XM. I have mixed feelings about digital radio. The big problem for me is that generally the ... Read More »

XM Radio VS. Sirius Satellite?

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Does anyone know what is going on between XM & Sirius. I spent last weekend looking for a good 2 channel receiver, but every single one the dealer showed me only had XM.[/FONT] [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Is this the same warpath that we've seen before with Beta vs. VH ... Read More »


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