Sierra-1 Opinions? Vs. Hsu Enthusiast 2?

Greetings, I am planning on buying an Onkyo 809 and a Hsu HTF-1 subwoofer. I plan to buy the Sierra-1s for front and center and the Ascend HTFs for rears. Opinions on this? The other speaker I am considering at this point is the Hsu Enthusiast 2. I had been planning to purchase the ... Read More »

Ascend Sierra 1 vs. Hsu HB1MK2/VTF1 Sub

I'm looking to upgrade my 15 yr old Sound Dynamics 300ti, and these 2 are at the top of my list. It may seem like apples vs. oranges, but the HB1/VTF 1 combo is actually less than the Sierra 1 ($700 vs. $848 with the VTF1 on sale). My concern with the Sierra 1 is the smallish 5 1/4 in. midrange driv ... Read More »


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