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'Cary 303/300' vs 'Musical Fidelity A5.5' vs 'Shanling CD-T1500'

I'm looking forward to purchase a new CD Player. Would like to ask for some advice which one of these three is better - Cary 303/300 - Musical Fidelity A5.5 - Shanling CD-T1500Read More »

Anyone actually hear a Shanling CDP

I am sort of looking around at CD players in the back of my mind. My Audio Note DAC was an eye opener as to how natural digital can sound. Recently when switching DAC's around though I noticed that the AN may be lacking in the punch and a bit looser in the bass region. I hadn't noticed this befor ... Read More »

Shanling, anyone?

I'm in a search for a cd player, and have comme across newish chinese 'high-end' audio manufacturers. You'll see more on the following page: [url]http://www.pacificvalve.us/cdplayers.html[/url] [url]http://www.shanling.com/index_e.html[/url] They seem to have very good build, but I have no cl ... Read More »

Which Setup? Shanling/Aragon or Jolida

I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR speakers and am debating on which setup to get to go with them. The two choices are: 1) Shanling T-100 cd player and the Aragon 4004MKII. This setup gives me a tube pre and SS power. I also like this option because the Shanling has upsampler/preamp and a tube h ... Read More »


Shanling Product Categories


A3000 Amplifier 0
0   Reviews
$ 1795.00

CD Players

CD -T 0
0   Reviews
$ 1995.00
CD-3000 (as modified by Underwood Hifi) 5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
CD300 CD Player 5
2   Reviews
$ 1595.00

MP3 Accessories

STP-10 0
0   Reviews
$ 900.00


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