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kef Q series vs polk RTi series

[url]http://www.kef.com/kefamerica/qseries/products.htm[/url] vs [url]http://www.polkaudio.com/homeaudio/products/individual/floorstanding/series/rti/[/url] its all about the fronts for me (so basically kef's iq9 vs polk's RTi12), and i would obviously get matching surrouds/centers to with ... Read More »

newbie...help!!! (Polk RTi series???)

Well I've had a Kenwood 5.1 sound system for about 5-6 years now and am looking to upgrade since I recently purchased a nice plasma and after I was at a friend's house with a much nicer HT system. From what I remember he had Polk and his surround sounded much crisper. After reading around in this ... Read More »

Using grill endcaps for RTi on Monitor grills?

I know this sounds weird, but i love the look of the RTi line, especailly because of the little silver colors plastic ends on each end of the grill. I was wondering if i ordered some of these as parts, would they fit onto the grills for the monitor series? The widths of the speakers of the monitor s ... Read More »

Paradigm Monitor 11 vs. Polk Rti-12

Hi Guys! Can you help me choose which one is better. Just want to have your opinion about the Paradigm Monitor 11 vs Polk Rti-12. I am planning to buy a set of speakers but i don't have the opportunity to test the Monitor 11 because the store doesn't have the 11's for testing. I've heard the Polk r ... Read More »

Polk RTi 6 for $140/pr new?

Anyone have any feedback about sound quality/pricing for these? I'm in the market for an inexpensive bookshelf. These are display model with slight blemish on one grill. They seemed a little hissy in the highs and had a bit of flat thud on kick drum, but I was only able to demo under non-ideal condi ... Read More »



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