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Hagar/Tesla Rolls Into Bay Area

A quick review of the "Cabo Wabo" tour stop up here. First let me say Tesla kicked some major Rock N' Roll ass to open the show. Very tight sound, very loud, and the set list was what you'd expect. One of only a few non-hair bands of the 80's who could really play. Now, Sammy opened with some old ... Read More »

Toshiba rolls back launch of HD-DVD

There goes Toshiba's roll out advantage. I guess they sense that the public is not very happy with this format war [url]http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=576187[/url]Read More »

Rolls/Bellari VP129 TUBE phono preamp

:D To a jaundiced audiophiliac used to sky-hi prices for audio gear of decent quality, this little gem from the pro-audio ranks is well worthy consideration to cheapskate vinyl junkies in terminal sticker shock @ hi-end prices! I picked up mine on ebay for $80 but it can be bought new for $150. ... Read More »

Screen rolls on bright transitions

Does anyone know why the screen on my Pioneer HDTV rolls whenever there is a bright flash transition. For instance...during CSI, they use a ton of camera flashes as transitions and every time, it causes my screen to roll for about a frame or two. Not sure if this is something with my DVD player or ... Read More »


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