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Reference 3A

Of course, for those of us in the know, not much needs to be said about Reference 3A. I have available to me, for $60.00, a vintage pair. They have no model number however I have some info on them. They are 26 lbs each, 25" * 12.5" * 10.5", 50 watt RMS continuous, 30 - 35Khz. They were manufac ... Read More »

Reference 3a La Suprema opinion needed

Hi, I have a pair of Reference 3a La Suprema that are in excellant condition but have not been used for many years. I am putting together a new system and not sure if I should spend the money on new speakers as well. Can anyone give their opinion on these old speakers vs new speakers say in the 50 ... Read More »

Reference 3a speakers value??

Hi everyone, I've got 2 pair of Reference 3a speakers from my father since 1995, however, I'm gonna to moving overseas, I can't keep both of them anymore, and I would trying to sell both of them. But I don't know any specification and the value of them. Is there anyone can help? What model ... Read More »

Reference 3A MM de Capo Review....

For anyone that may be interested, there is a comprehensive review of the 3A in December 03 issue of Stereophile. Interesting read. JetRead More »


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Bookshelf Speakers

MM De Capo 4.82
17   Reviews
$ 2250.00

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