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need help with recent find (realistic sct31 tape deck)!!!

Hi everyone, i found this tape deck at a local thrift shop..i plugged it in and there was power. it didn't work when i wanted to play something)...i bought it for $4..so i can't really complain, but when i opened it up i saw that all the belts where broken off and one had turned to glue! is there a ... Read More »

Realistic SA-10: Just for fun

[B]Realistic SA-10: Just for fun[/B] Yesterday, I bought a Realistic SA-10 (MODEL 31-1982) at the Thrift Shop for $1.06 including tax. It seems to work fine. The volume pots are a little scratchy, but only when I turn them. The SA-10 sounds pretty smooth on my Optimum 2B speakers, but beyond 12 o’c ... Read More »

Realistic sound = tubes and analogue

I'm starting another thread as instructed. IMO, ss and digital flatten sound, reduce micro dynamics, and reduce music's tonal saturation. The best digital formats are getting better, but, despite being a pain in the ass, for now, I'm sticking to tubes and vinyl for serious listening. I hated all ... Read More »

Realistic R-8000

Scored this for $10 today at a local thrift. Couldn't resist. The arm looks fantastic. Solid wood plinth, weighs roughly 17 lbs. Belt driven w/ a metal base and platter. It has an original Realistic cart with a Shure RS70 stylus. The headshell has an awesome retro look. I'm getting ready to ... Read More »

My Realistic Mach One Restoration

So I just bought a pair of 4024 realistic mach ones from a local that are beat, i mean BEAT. looking like they came outa si-fi movie. Now im just playing, there not bad. I do have sorta a plan of what needs to be done.......,.,.,.,.,. They are the originals so they do have the long lasting su ... Read More »

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