Don't bother with the McCartney bonus disc for Ram

Ram is one of my favorite discs, but damn, some of the tracks they call bonus are atrocious. The last track is over 8 minutes long and it's the worst jam you've ever heard. Seriously, guys? This is McCartney and this is the best jam track you can find from that era? :mad: Imho, the only track on ... Read More »

Cables from RAM Electronics?

Has anyone bought any of these Silver Flex cables? [url=]Silver-Flex Stereo Audio Cable with Silver Plated RCA Connectors with Black and Red Anodized Aluminum Shells and White Belden 1505F Cable, Le ... Read More »

RAM Electronics?

Has anyone ordered from RAM electronics online? They seem like a really great place to get custom cables, but I am wondering if they are high quality....any thoughts?Read More »

Samsung to pay $300m fine in D-Ram case

Samsung Electronics, the world's second-largest chipmaker, has agreed to pay a $300m fine after admitting it participated in a huge international price-fixing conspiracy, the US Justice Department's antitrust division said on Thursday. The guilty plea makes Samsung the third semiconductor manufac ... Read More »

Results of APL Hi-Fi Denon 3910 vs. RAM Marantz SA11

Had a chance to attend today's audio comparison of these two high-end players in a stereo system by one of the reviewers of Positive Feedback. Out of four participants, three chose the APL unit while one person chose the RAM unit. Since I do not own either unit, here is my assessment of each playe ... Read More »


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