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radiient europa speakers

what happened to them i looked at their website they dont sell speakers anymoreRead More »

Radiient Europas on sale..

89 bucks, free shipping. I have a pair of Insignia KEF knock-offs in a nearfield/computer system that I'm really happy with. The Radiients and Insignias appear to be the same speaker except that the Radiients add a top mounted tweeter. Just ordered a pair. Hopefully they'll live up to my expectation ... Read More »

Radiient Europa's....opinions? alot for the $$$$

I just took a shot in the dark and purchased a pair of Radiient Europas for $99 dollars w/free ship for the pair. The specs on this bookshelf along with weight and cosmetics of the product made me curious. These babies are gonna be bad or good. I don't give a crap if a speaker looks good or not, jus ... Read More »

Radiient Speakers

Anybody know anything about Radiient? Their Europa speakers are pleasing to the eye (obviously doesn't mean they are good).Read More »



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