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Quicksilver mini mite audience 42 compatibility

I curently own a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42 loudspeakers and for 850.00 new (now discontinued) IMHO they were a steal. I drive them with an Arcam A70 50 watt solid state integrated. They sound good together but I want to upgrade to tubes and after reading the reviews on the Quicksilver mini mite 2 ... Read More »

Quicksilver M.S.: Happy Trails

anyone have this on CD? I seem to recall the original cd sucked (that's a technical term for poor quality)... But I see there has been 4 or 5 subsequent releases (according to AMG) So can anyone tell me the best one(s) or the one(s) to stay away from? thanks...till we meet again....Read More »

Major BREAK-THROUGH Product QuickSilver GOLD...... WOW !

I have been waiting for a product like this to come along for a long time now.....QuickSilver GOLD is just AMAZING on VIDEO and AUDIO too! Here's some feedback from others that has tried this stuff out.... [url]http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/tweaks/messages/125613.html[/url] This stuff is not o ... Read More »

Stereo Times Review on the QuickSilver contact enhancer....

This STUFF is really AMAZING on VIDEO! I have this stuff on all my Video gear, TV TOO. I started my putting this stuff on all cables from my satellite Dish to my TV. I also put this stuff on almost all solder joints inside my TV and satellite receiver. Its been over 6 months now with this stuff on e ... Read More »

QuickSilver contact enhancer???

Has anyone tried this contact enhancer from Xtreme cables yet? They say this stuff is AMAZING on Video gear and great too on audio gear! They also say that this stuff is a lot better than the Walker Audio super silver treatment stuff! I just ordered some Friday........Here's more on this stuff...... ... Read More »


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