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Quantum of Solace

Saw the newest 007 flick this weekend. I will admit it is not as good as Casino Royale but IMO it is still a very good addition to the series. Plenty of action and while there was not any ground breaking chase scene or amazing gadget I just think Daniel Craig brings so much to the role. He is a B ... Read More »

Quantum of Solace

So... this latest title from the series that thought 50% of Americans didn't know what "Revoked" meant so changed another title to "License to Kill"? And NOW they come up with "Quantum of Solace"? Sounds more like a charlie kaufman movie than a james bond one but the trailer sure looks awesome! ... Read More »

Powering Infinity Quantum 5's

I'm in the middle of repairing a pair of these 70's classics and my unfortunately neither the Sony or Kenwwod receivers I have seems to have the juice I need to power them. Since I'm a new to this hobby, I was looking for some suggestions/advise on what I need to power these. From what I've been a ... Read More »


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