Upgrade Q

My system is about 10 years old and I'm thinking of upgrading. I have not kept up on advancements so I have no Idea where to start researching new components or even if I can do what I'd like to see in a system. where to start? My current receiver is a Denon 4802R, the rest of the system is Denon ... Read More »

snell type q

does anyone have any info or opinions on these? they have the interesting concept of the rear tweeter. Also, if agreeable to my ear, is $140 a good price for mint condition?Read More »

RR Q&A: What album or band do you feel like you shouldn't like, but you do?

Let's look at the flipside. Same rules as Rae's post. What bands should you not like, based on musical style or genre but you find yourself drawn to. For me it's the Scissor Sisters. I generally don't like electronica or dance music. By all accounts, I should really dislike this band. I don't even ... Read More »

RR Q&A: What album or band do you feel like you're "supposed" to get, but just don't?

I feel like this thread existed before but it must be lost to the archives. I'm not talking broadly popular music that you're in the minority on disliking-- rather, stuff that should theoretically be right up your alley that is just totally baffling in its lack of appeal. For instance, this mornin ... Read More »

KEF's new Q range

So it looks like KEF is attempting an aggressive comeback with the new Q range. The look and Tech is a substantial departure from the old IQ series... Most noticeably the lack of curved cabinetry and the use of passive radiators instead of ports... Considering the 'mixed' reviews of the last IQ line ... Read More »


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