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Proton 300 receiver + 301 Powered speaker Wow

Hi everyone!:cornut: :cornut: Just wanted to introduce myself and am anxiuos to view all the great communication about the Audio world. Cleaning out the closet, I came across my old Proton 300 plus the Proton 301 speaker.It's in wonderful shape but i just don't have a use for it. I'm thinking ... Read More »

proton d940 switch cleaning

hey all, 1st post here. i have a 10+ year old proton d940 receiver that has been a real work horse but now the selector switches are starting to become staticey and cut in and out. i took off the knobs but don't see how i can possibly shoot any tuner cleaner spray into the housing. it seems to ... Read More »

Please add Proton iRemote to your list Thank you

Manufacturer Name - Proton Manufacturer's Website Address - [url]http://www.altazmarketing.com/proton.html[/url] Category (DVD Player, Subwoofer, etc) โ€“ Universal Remote Control Product Name or Model Number โ€“ iRemote โ€“ IR800 Price (MSRP) - $174.99 Link to an Image - [url]http://www.altazmarketi ... Read More »

Proton AP 1000 PreAmp- Freak'n static

Does anyone hve any suggestions on what could be wrong. I have been static (sort of built up feedback) on and off for the past year. The statis comes from one speaker and I receive the statis on the same side if I am using headphones. I was told that a possible cause was a spliced wire, which I ch ... Read More »

Running a Proton D1200 in 2 ohm stereo...danger?

I'm running an 8 ohm Kicker Comp 12" sub with this amp(8 ohms bridged) for my home theater, and I'm planning to replace it with something waaay more powerful, like a pair of high power 15" or 18". Most of the subs I checked out has a dual 4ohm voice coil, so I'm planning to run them in parallel int ... Read More »


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Flat Panel Televisions

MS-26 26 in. LCD TV 0
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$ 422.00
MS-42 LCD TV 0
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$ 844.00
PLTV-32 32 in. Plasma TV 0
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$ 350.00

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