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Power cord length

I wonder as I finish an area of my basement for my audio equipment if the wires in the wall generate a magnetic field that can interfere with the equipment. Which has more advantage for my money: the plug directly behind the equipment with a short (higher quality for the same money)power cord or off ... Read More »

Power question - plug placement

I have been of the mind set that due to the wires coming a long way to get to my equipment, the last few feet of the power cord can't make any difference. I have now tried different power cords and was surprised!! Now I wonder as I finish an area of my basement for my audio equipment if the wires in ... Read More »

Bm3 power amp user manual

hi,my friends... i am new user.i have a small problem.i got a BM3 PA1000 power amp.its a used one.with out user manual.some body help me to find that manual or some one has it please e-mail me thanks to all...j.m.c.priyankara@gmail.com or give me some details about that power amp..Read More »

PS Audio Power Cable thoughts

First I want to say that I know everyone hears with different, lets say "resolution". That's to say the differences you hear, I might not and vice versa. I also realize that as we progress in our quest for better sound what we are left with is wanting more realism, which is subtle but very importan ... Read More »

Quad 405-3 power amplifier weird noises

Hi and thanks for reading this post. Not sure why but my quad 405-3 is making weird noises. When switched on it works ok for the first five minutes then it makes a loud crackling noise for a second, a minute later it crackles again and this is loud, i had the volume low but it nearly blew m ... Read More »


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