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How to play computer speaker sounds through mic port?

Hi guys; Audio amateur here. How can I play the sounds from my computer speakers through my microphone port: 1) With no loss in sound quality 2) While allowing me to have my regular microphone connected to the microphone port as usual I run a Windows 7 laptop with only 1 microphone port and spe ... Read More »

Yamaha YDS12 Dock Port Adapter

Hi I've received as a gift a dock YDS12 Yamaha for RX-V471 A/V receiver, but unfortunately equipment doesn't has that input in his back. Is there any kind of adapter that allow me connect it to the receiver? Inputs availables are digital, RCA, jack 3,5 mm and USB. Just in case, the link of the YDS1 ... Read More »

New Port Show

Hey All - Anyone going to the New Port show and might be interested in doing a write up to feature on AudioReview? Thanks -adamRead More »

Anyone familiar with Port O'Brien?

I was first exposed to him/them by getting a free download of the song, [I]My Will is Good[/I], on that Nike site I mentioned. I will post the link if anyone's interested. Anyway, the above-mentioned song is fantastic! And based on what I know of some of the regular's tastes, I think it would h ... Read More »

Why does Sony 32xbr4 have USB port and Menu you can't use?

I have a Sony XBR4 that has a menu for viewing pics from a USB connection but nothing in the Manuals about it. The back of the TV has a USB port that says Service Only. Does anyone know why the TV has the Menu and Port but you can't use it? Is it enabled differently on different models but they a ... Read More »


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