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Speaker tube amp for planar headphones.

Fellow Hi-Fiers, I have purchased a pair of Hifiman HE-6 planar headphones. My headphone amp only has the current to drive them adequately. I put a headphone jack on the speaker taps of a Rotel RB-1050 and it really did the job. I just don't like SS sound so I am gathering notes to hunt for a qua ... Read More »

4 Ohm Planar Speakers - Driven In Bridged Mode?

I own a set of Martin Logan Ascent speakers. I had been driving them with a Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX receiver (which only goes down to 6 ohms.) The Receiver has died and I will replace with another Pioneer Elite Receiver (VSX-84TXi), but I bought some Adcom GFA 555 amplifiers as I know they's drive th ... Read More »

Looking for a planar mid-woofer

I am looking for something to cover the 150-1000Hz region in a diy project speaker. Only ones that i know that fit the description are the old L-Emims by Infinity and the FS-41 by Fostex (all 80's to early 90's speakers).They should be around 45-50 X 25-30 cms. Can anyone add something to this?H ... Read More »

Why did dome midrage and planar speakers disappear?

Greetings! I've been designing DIY speakers for a while but recently I realized that the newer speakers are all cone-based except for the tweeter. What happened to the dome midrages? Almost no speaker manufactures uses dome mids anymore. Are they phased out because they are no good? Also, I t ... Read More »

Rega Planar 3 Tonearm

Hello all! Please go easy, I'm a noob :) I'm considering buying a second hand Rega Planar 3. The tonearm supplied with it is an s-shaped, shiny metallic alloy one. Is this the standard tonearm supplied by rega? If so what model number is it and is it any good? Any answer most appreciated... Chri ... Read More »



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