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Dubious Product from Perreaux

OK, I've usually been impressed with Perreaux's products - their amps are rock solid and design-wise they do seem to push the creative envelope. But this new CD player: [url]http://www.perreaux.com/product.php?idp=59[/url] is probably the worst design I've seen from them, or from any manufact ... Read More »

For the analog crowd: Perreaux SXV2

For those who are into vinyl and who can bear the hideous website, Perreaux just released a new phono preamp. What is particularly nice is the outboard dip switches allowing any kind of setting for gain, cap., even RIAA equalization. I have no idea how it sounds, but I've been very impressed with ge ... Read More »

Perreaux E-220 Vs. Parasound Hca-2200 (original)

HELP! ! ! ! Is anyone out there familiar with BOTH of these amps? I am in a position to own both. I've heard quite a bit about both, but I'm not sure, if given the option, which would be the better performer. Parasound - brute power Perreaux - finesse Both are extremely good at what the ... Read More »



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