"Pacific Rim" or.. Godzilla Meets "Big-O"`

[SIZE=3][FONT=arial]Never have the ads for a movie filled me with such low expectations. I had "Pacific Rim" pegged as a complete rip-off CGI fest that would have me falling asleep in in no-time. I couldn't have been more wrong if'n I tried. I loved the movie for what it was, great Saturday night, p ... Read More »

The Pacific

I didn't see any other post on this HBO series, so I started this one. I don't have HBO so I have had to wait for the DVD/BD release of it this month. I was on the fence on which version to purchase, but knowing the wait time to load a BD I went with the DVD WS version. Being a former Marine made ... Read More »

The Pacific

Well Tom "Saving Private Ryan" Hanks and Steven "Band of Brothers" Speilberg are at it again. This time turning their nostalgic eye towards the US Marines and their Island hopping campaign of WWII. I don't know but after watching the first hour I'm left kinda flat. I'm a military historian and a v ... Read More »

Wharfedale Pacific Evo 10

Hey anyone here own a wharfedale pacific evo 10 speaker ? I'm planning to buy this speaker but 1st i need to get some advise from u guys about this wharfedale. I will be using this speaker for listening to music only. I listen to jazz, folk and blues but sometimes hip hop. Are this speaker ... Read More »

wharfedale Pacific Evolution?

Are these speakers any good? I have heard some on here recommend the diamond series, but these seem to be the step up from them. They seem to be going for pretty cheap online, specifically the Evolution 8.Read More »


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